Kojima confirms partnership with Xbox Game Studios for a cloud-based game – Nerd4.life

This evening the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 aired and we watched a video dedicated to it kojimawhich confirmed the partnership with Microsoft and Xbox new game.

This is Kojima’s new game, developed around the cloud for a “never-before-seen concept”. New information will come in the future. Kojima countries: “There’s a game I’ve always wanted to create. It’s a brand new game, one that no one has played or seen before. I’ve been waiting a long time for that next day, where I will be able to create. Using Microsoft’s cloud technology and changing the industry, it’s now possible Challenging myself to create this never-before-seen concept. It may take some time, but I look forward to collaborating with Xbox Game Studios.”

We’ve also seen the trailer for Redfall, the Arkane game, with plenty of gameplay. In addition, we also saw a video of the Forza Motorsport game, with ray tracing in action.

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