Libero Quotidiano, “The war and the losses of Ukraine… the sacrifice is only useful to the United States.”

Donbass crash? Sacrifice is only useful for the United States“The general thinks so Fabio Miniwhich in the article published today on Happening every day He speaks of “dramatic but seldom heroic resistance”. Then the expert refers to US intelligence, which said that it had no data on the losses suffered by the Ukrainians, and wrote: “The Ukrainians and Russians exchange bodies and do it on an equal footing, which means that they estimate similar losses from both pieces: 100-300 deaths per dayThe numbers that Minnie compares to the number of armed men, which change dramatically from country to country: “190,000 in Ukraine and 900,000 in Russia.”

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“It is surprising that the United States does not know how many Ukrainians have fallen and which ones, but the demand for heavy and long-range weapons should clarify the limits of military personnel remaining in the front line – continues Minnie he did -. President Biden, in addition to sending heavy weapons and other missiles, complains that Zelensky was unheard of when he warned of an imminent Russian attack. Be a very specific strategy: “There is an unease in the internal situation that one wants to mitigate or distract by asking Ukraine to defeat Russia, Europe is sacrificing itself for Ukraine And that NATO sacrifices itself for the United States: all this without hearing of a war between Russia and the United States or between the United States and China.

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In any case, for Minnie, the only country that gained advantages in all this situation is Biden’s America: “The Americans are convinced that Ukraine with their support will win, but if it loses, it will“ only” lead to the end of Europe and NATO without compromising the interests of the United States, on the contrary So They will benefit greatly from it.”

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