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And here, too, the updated drivers rating, and here, too, Verstappen firmly holds the command! This double zero costs Ferrari a lot!

The second Red Bull double in a row, after the second in Monaco that travels to +36 from Ferrari in the constructors’ classification

Here it is Baku GB final standings:

Super Russell, Always in the top 5 in the first 8 general races of the world championship: in Baku he takes third place, ahead of Hamilton

Perez is the second!

Max Verstappen wins the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

The Dutchman signs the 25th Grand Prix of his career

lap 51

Verstappen can’t improve himself because he won’t have an extra point for the best lap. Perez smiles

Final stage

Top ten with 3 laps left

Verstappen, Perez, Russell, Hamilton, Gasly, Vettel, Alonso, Ricciardo, Norris, Ocon

Even Stroll was forced to finish the race earlier than expected!

lap 48

Two goals at the top of the Grand Prix: Verstappen Perez and Russell Hamilton

lap 46

McLaren team order: If Ricardo Alonso does not pass, Norris will take his teammate’s position and then move to eighth. “Are you happy, Lando?” – “Yes, but tell Daniel to push and try to conquer the Alps.”

Grief in the empty Ferrari pits: everything is already dismantled!

Latifi is under investigation for ignoring the double blue banners for dubbing

lap 43

Hamilton wants fourth place: opens his wing wide and is ten Gaslys

More than 15 seconds separate Verstappen and Perez

Only 10 laps to finish

lap 41

Team Radio Verstappen: “Do not use the DRS until the end of the race”

lap 40

Tsunoda summoned to dig with the black/orange flag to change his damaged wing: the wall still prevented him from using the DRS

Only 13 laps at the end of the race

lap 38

Perez is the fastest on the track

Trouble for Tsunoda: His AlphaTauri Suite only opens halfway

green flag

lap 35

Perez, Verstappen, Russell, Hamilton and Ricardo take advantage of it and go to the pits

More virtual car security system

Magnussen also stops and retires: Technical problems at Ferrari-powered Haas as well as Alfa Romeo! Really interesting statistic for today which sees 4 retirements all took place by Maranello

Lab 33/51

Now he is Magnussen with engine problems. He stopped and asked to stop the car

?? virtual safety car#AzerbaijanGP # F1

– Formula 1 (@F1) June 12 2022

Shoulder drives at Baku GB race

lap 31

9.442 The Verstappen-Perez Gap: The Wall asks the Dutch not to overpay. The Red Bull team fears losing the double that has been practically put in the safe now that both cars are out of the game

lap 30

Hamilton back pain

lap 27

Updated ranking

Lab 27/51

Only in the middle of the road – four drivers who haven’t digged yet#AzerbaijanGP # F1

– Formula 1 (@F1) June 12 2022

lap 26

top ten

Verstappen, Perez, Russell, Gasly, Ricciardo, Hamilron, Tsunoda, Vettel, Ocon, Alonso

lap 24

Zhou also retire due to technical problems! Too bad for the Alfa Romeo Chinese who crossed over the radio for his disappointment: “I was running the best race ever”

The second retirement this season also for Lecler after that in Spain, even when he was captain

Double retirement due to technical and engine reliability issues: Not since Australia 2009 have either Reds finished this way

Red Bulls are back in driving with Verstappen and Perez ahead of Mercedes Russell

lap 22

Only when Charles was driving and was tinkering hard did Leclerc have to get out of his car

LECLERC withdraws, smoke comes out of the engine from his Ferrari

All of Ferrari finished!!!!!!

Snapshot of the scene! I can’t believe until LECLERC stops

Red Bull pushes Verstappen’s stop and returns 13 inches behind Monegasque

lap 19

Leclerc is first again! Ferrari returns to lead the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

lap 18

Super hammer! Lewis is ninth and leaves Ocon behind

lap 17

Perez in the pits: His leg is long, too. But the Mexican ranks Russell and is third behind Leclerc and Verstappen

lap 16

Red Bull on the radio: “Perez, don’t fight.” Once again, picking the Dutchman’s preference and leaving him in command of the Grand Prix will not satisfy the Mexican

lap 15

Verstappen beats Perez: Max is the new race leader

lap 12

Red Bull stayed out of the pit and didn’t use the wild VSC: How will Milton Keynes respond to Ferrari? Are you hoping for a breakdown of Leclerc’s hardships or do you have something else in there?

green flag

Ferrari F1-75 removed from track, Sainz retired. For the Spaniard, it is the third knockout in 8 matches

lap 11

Ferrari wall this time does not want to put a wrong strategy as in Monaco: the goal is to continue the Grand Prix with one stop, because only Leclerc is on the right track! And the solid tire should ensure a long time all the way up to the square flag

Vettel, Russell and Gasly, Tsunoda and Hamilton get together

Leclerc goes to the pits but the stopping point is too long: 5.4 seconds and returns to third place with a hard! In a rage, the mechanics kick abandoned middle schools

virtual safety car system

lap 10

Sainz stopped turn 4 with a brake problem!

yellow flag

Asphalt boils: temperature is 47 degrees Celsius, but the average tires are working

Leclerc waits for turn 16 but manages to defend himself from Verstappen’s attacks: Red Bull is only 7 tenths of Red

lap 6

The battle for sixth place rages on: Hamilton has Gasly in his eyes

Verstappen calls for more hybrid power over radio

Ferrari suffers: Leclerc pummeled by Verstappen as Sainz tries to chase after but is 3 inches away

lap 5

DRS is open for Verstappen: will he be able to pass Leclerc?

Al-Taifi’s sure penalty: 10 ‘stop and go’ For not following the rules

Round 4

The gap between Perez and Leclerc is 2420

lap 3

Here are the top 10: Perez, Leclerc, Verstappen, Sainz, Russell, Gasly, Hamilton, Vettel, Tsunoda, Alonso

Round 2

The FIA ​​confirms that Latifi is under investigation: one of his mechanics got his hands on Williams while he was at the starting point

Charlie loses his GP lead in the first corner, Red Bull was launched while driving with Checo

A terrible start for Ferrari: Leclerc can’t help but get past Perez, who mocks him from the inside!

TheBaku GB starts


Traffic lights turned on

Charles is very focused!

Training tour!

Everything is ready in the ring

Only 5′ to the roar of F1 engines

Waiting to leave, here are the last 5 Azerbaijani winners

15′ Just to go!

Azerbaijani national anthem is played at Baku Circuit

There is less than half an hour left until the green light and it is already hot in Azerbaijan

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