Lori del Santo nothing to do? On Celebrity Island despite having toenails in the shoulder / Here’s how it got hurt

Lori del Santo, serious shoulder problem at Isola dei Famosi 2022: background

Last Monday only three episodes of the final, Lory Del Santo was eliminated in the famous 2022 Island TV broadcast. Her trajectory was complicated, not only because she was often targeted by severe criticism of other outcasts, but – and very little was said about this – for significant physical problems in her shoulder. Neither Lory Del Santo nor Isola dei Famosi production actually investigated the nature of the shoulder problem that prevented her from participating in the physical examinations, but would have caused her to suffer in the normal life of the shipwreck, putting her in conditions where she was not entirely on par with the other competitors (conditions which he accepted and endured without ever trying to sympathize with the public or the outcasts).

The editorial staff at IlSussidiario.net had the opportunity to present some of them Lory Del Santo’s medical documents confirm a serious shoulder problem, a recent fracture that was remedied by surgery in the first half of January 2022 (complete with plates and screws) which prevented the shipwrecked from undergoing physical exams and certainly caused problems even in the normal life of the island. This is the reason why Lowry is often acquitted of the rewards and trials of leaders held on the island. But how did she get hurt? Some time ago, the actress and director came out of her apartment, and slipped down the stairs made by the water and detergent used in those moments to wash her.

Laurie Del Santo, The Truth Behind the “Little Character” in the Lives of the Untouchables

Lori del Santo has often been criticized By the group for not being very active on the famous island. In fact, someone accused her of working only for “unhelpful things”: how can we forget the quarrel over the twig with which she wanted to set fire? However, her limited activity on the island was precisely because of a shoulder problem that actually prevents her from making sudden movements and carrying heavy objects.

however, Laurie never complained to Celebrity Island And indeed, she faced the complex life in Playa without asking to be transferred to the dispensary, and in fact she was not, which cannot be said for all competitors, who, although not suffering from trauma in most cases can be objectively verifiable, are able to recover from life to the island by exploiting the amenities that – rightly – the dispensary can offer to get fit. On the other hand, there are those who did not deny that they had been taken to the infirmary by hunger, and therefore, to nibble something or better rest, a situation also discovered by Elari Blasey and his harasser living on a famous island. And that’s what Lori del Santo never had, which proves to be a true contender with great dignity.

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