Mariana Morandi: partner, age, children, private life and where she lives

Mariana Morandi is an Italian actress, daughter of a famous Singer Gianni Morandi. Lately, she is very much concerned with her privacy and has moved away from the scene. However, in the past, she was the protagonist in some successful fictional works and she also had a chance to be appreciated as a singer. It is also very popular in the social sector, so much so that since 2001 it has become a certificate for the campaign “La Gardenia AISM” (Italian Onlus Society of Multiple Sclerosis).

Companion of Mariana Morandi

The daughter of Gianni Morandi is the ex-partner of singer Biagio Antonacci and the mother of his children. The two have been linked for a very long time, from 1993 to 2002. Today the two broke up Biagio Antonacci Who also found a new companion. Despite the separation, Mariana and Biagio remained on excellent terms.

Mariana Morandi’s life

daughter Gianni Morandi and Laura Efrikian, Mariana was born in Rome on February 14, 1969. The daughter of Art, in 1976 she conquered “fame” by singing the song “Sei forte papa” with Gianni Morandi. She graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome and then started her career as an actress.

Mariana Morandi is the daughter of Gianni Morandi and ex-partner of singer Biagio Antonacci, with whom she has two children.

Mariana Morandi’s children

Mariana has two children from her marriage to Biagio Antonacci, Paolo and Giovanni were born respectively in 1995 and 2001. Currently her two children are working in the music world. Paulo will cooperate with videos and other Italian artists while Giovanni co-presents a radio show, “Settima Arte”, broadcast Monday through Friday on Rtl 102.5.

Mariana Morandi’s private life

We don’t currently know if Mariana has a new partner either because she is always very reserved about her private life.

Where does Mariana Morandi live?

Mariana lives in her hometown of Bologna Joydis Communication Agency Her team is made up of women only.

Mariana Morandi: Social Connections

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Mariana does not currently have an official profile on TikTok yet.

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