Marriage proposal live

Francesco Schiofalo is back to talk about it in these hours. It appears that the former protagonist of La Pupa and Nerdy, who recently went under the knife for a nose job, has made it clear with his girlfriend Drusilla whom he now hopes to marry.

Until a few weeks ago Francesco Ciuffalo He was one of the puppets on the show “The pupa and the nerd and vice versa”. In the program he conducted Barbara Dorso, However, the former competitor temptation island He did something that disappointed his fiancée Drusilla Gucci.

Today toned young man on TV after precise intervention It was performed on the nose and explained that the operation, although painful All went well.

Now all that’s left is Wait for results For histological examination of the black mass removed from the nasal passages of the boy who, meanwhile, is doing his best to rebuild his body Relationship With the popular heiress.

Drusilla Gucci: Did Francesco Chiofalo Forgive?

Francesco Ciovalo Gad: Marriage proposal live

Drusilla Gucci and Francesco Chiofalo They met about a year ago, when the young woman finished her auditionCelebrity Island 15. The couple seems to be very close and united, moreover, “Lenticchio” said several times that he is sure that Gucci there will be mother of her children.

Recently, however, the former face of Temptation Island did just that irritates him partner because of Progressing Received by Malina, who intervened a The Pupa and Nerdy.

said a lot Sorry For what happened, sure enough, even the protective mother of the heiress would not take the position of Chiofalo very well. However, in these hours he made it clear that it was now a thing of the past.

I hope they talk about mine one day marriage, think about it Drusilla.

He said, pleading fiancee During the afternoon 5. Do we really expect it to be Orange flowers?

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