Men and Women, Big News Coming for Andrea Della Sioba: Did Maria Choose Her?

A few minutes ago, Andrea Della Sioba reported on social networks that great news was coming about him.

Just a few days ago in an interview with Mondotv24 Andrea Della Ciubaafter the experience a men and women As a suitor, he admitted not ruling out a possible proposal beforehand for “Role” tronista. With his remarks, he thus left all fans commenting, fascinated to see if there was big news on the horizon. Thus he declared during the interview:

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I want to fall in love. It’s pointless to be a hypocrite, I think 99.9% of boys who participate in men and women, if they proposed a throne, would accept. I also like. Why don’t I accept? That’s right, I’ll accept it because I really believe in the program. The program is very real, beautiful, in two months I felt feelings that I have not felt for a long time. So I say yes because I believe in the program.

And just a few minutes ago, the former suitor of Veronica Raimondi announced on social networks that they were there Big news is on the way. what is he talking about?

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Men and women, Andrea Della Sioba announces that …

As we just mentioned, a few minutes ago, the former matchmaker for men and women, Andrea Della Sioba, shared a message on social media that got fans excited and instantly grabbed their attention. In fact, he announced that he will be speaking in the next few days about the planned news.

Many fans immediately thought that it could be a proposal from Maria De Filippi for the ‘role’ of the tronista in the next version of the Canale Cinque dating show. For now, no other details are known: we just have to wait for updates!

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