Monkeypox, identify all contacts of the patient admitted to Goriti

There is interest but no concern after, after First case of monkeypox Found in Latina County. Reassurances regarding the situation in the Pontine territory came yesterday from ASL which, through two different contacts – the last contact yesterday evening – provided updates of the situation.

The first case of “monkeypox” is a 40-year-old man from Sabaudia, who has been hospitalized in the infectious diseases department of Santa Maria Goretti Hospital in Latina since June 8. ASL Prevention Latina Department—reading note from local health authority—identified all contacts and managed all persons found to be at risk, exclusively adults, whose subjects were children excluded.

Yesterday he had already announced that from the moment the infection was discovered, all activities necessary to trace and manage contacts had begun.” The “situation under strict control” had reassured the company as did Lazio’s regional health advisor, Alessio D’Amato.

“There is no alarm situation – said Sergio Paroccia, director of health at Latina ASL who was interviewed by Dire -. The picture presented by the patient falls among the most ‘classical’ situations, that is, those that have already been described in recent weeks both from a clinical point of view from an epidemiological point of view. When suspicious symptoms appeared, the subject was taken over by the Infectious Diseases Department and in a short time the diagnosis was confirmed by laboratory analyzes and is now under treatment. We have taken steps to trace and manage his contacts.”

The case recorded in the province of Latina is the first case of monkeypox in Lazio outside the province of Rome.

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