“One, Nothing, One Hundred Thousand” Concert Against Violence Against Women: Two Millions Raised. Emma: “I called Brunoori by text but…”

After two postponements due to the epidemic, finally last night Fiorella Mannoia, Emma, ​​Alessandra Amoroso, Giorgia, Elisa, Gianna Nannini, Laura Pausini They gathered at the same stage of the RCF Arena Reggio Emilia (Campovolo) for the eagerly awaited event.”One, nothing, a hundred thousand, the concertA wonderful musical event, all seven artists desperately wish to raise funds for seven anti-violence centers, chosen and chosen above all in the center and south. One hundred thousand fans from all over Italy (75% came from outside Emilia Romagna and some of them organized themselves with 200 buses for travel) and they are already in line from the early hours of the day, under the blazing sun of mid-June, to arrive first places and salute the artists.

The other very important message of solidarity was In the presence of 7 fellow artists To support event champions. Capariza took to the stage with Fiorella Manoia, Brunori Sas with Emma, ​​Diodato with Alessandra Amoroso, Sototono with Giorgia, Tommaso Paradiso with Elisa, Quiz with Gianna Nannini and Eros Ramazzotti with Laura Puccini. In total 7 stage changes and 54 musicians and dancers for 7 real mini concerts. Collection confirmed at €5,759,724Nearly two million people will be donated to the centers: €228,750 for each of the seven organisations. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no TV broadcast of what was filmed in 4K. It would be a real shame that those who couldn’t participate couldn’t enjoy a glimmer of a unique and magical event.

The party between the hit and the surprises – great Concert for more than six hours (It started at 7:30pm) With a separate group for each artist, they performed with their own band and the best songs from their group. Awesome group karaoke Amazed 100,000 gifts from the first note to the last note. Among the most touching moments is the beginning of the show with Fiorella Manoia with “Sally” by Vasco Rossi. Then in “Heaviness of Courage” he said, “This song, at this moment, is a punch in the stomach, dedicated to the strong. Whatever these strong people are, they are all criminals and they all make me sick.” Rock and wild Emma who impressed the audience with the songs “My Front” and “My City” and influenced the duet with Brunori Sass in “Blue Lights” was uploaded. “Change begins with us. Revolutions are made not on the sofa but under the stage,” exclaimed the singer-songwriter. Then Alessandra Amoroso pleaded for unity and solidarity with one another in the name of love. Intense duet with Diodato on “Fai Rumore”. The hit songs “Vivere a Colori”, “Immobile” and “However Andare” can not be missed. Giorgia enchants with her spiritual power along with Sototono in Bob Marley’s Turn Your Lights Down Low and the dramatic closing of “Di Sole e d’azzurro”, having sung some of her greatest hits, the cappella, “Then”, at the request of the audience. “Thank you for coming here despite the passage of two years and for donating to an important cause,” the artist said. Elisa, at the end of her group, wanted to honor Luciano Ligabue with two songs such as “Heart Obstacles” and “A modo tuo”, the singer whose vocals top the audience. Gianna Nannini rocked from beginning to end of her ensemble with songs such as “Fotoromanza”, “America”, “Latin Lover” and “Belo et Impossible”. Laura Pausini opened a separate group between major dancers and orchestras to stress, in conclusion, the importance of reporting violence. In the playlist, such as “Instead of No”, “Stay listening”, “As if love never was” and “Between You and the Sea”. The choir concluded with “You Have A Friend” by Carol King.

Fiorella Manuña: “There will be other events for women” – 20 women were killed since the beginning of the year and 118 were killed last year. – announce Fiorella Manuia – These are important numbers. That is why we will continue to focus on this issue. It won’t be the only concert about it and we will continue with the project to try to make as much money as possible. It will not be a solo musical event. Perhaps at the next event there will be other singers.” With cabarizza sang artist “General” and “Come Dance in PugliaCapariza explained: “Wars are constant and artists try to tell them with their sensitivity. We chose Generale because it is a peaceful song.”

Laura Bossini: “Cry Us To Say Enough!” – “This concert is our cry to really say enough. Violence against women is a topic that unfortunately fills the papers between reports and deaths. We can come through with concerts and that’s why I wanted the (video) contributions of my friends from various artistic fields in my live moments.”From Roberto Paul to Alessandro Cattelan to Luca Argentero. There will also be a dance troupe from several dance schools in the area. I also wanted to play the sound of a real phone call from a desperate woman who called for help at the Cadmi Anti-Violence Center. h.Or even the selected songs that sparked a reaction and spoke of hope. I think only those who approach moments of despair can understand what is happening to these women. One of my fans had my cell phone and one night she called me while she was being raped. We sent the police to his house. It was a tough time and all these women should be able to count on the positions. It is no coincidence that we chose to close the event on Carole King’s song “You Have A Friend” together, in order to express our loneliness and loneliness.”

Emma: “I called Brunori in an SMS but…” – “I am excited and happy to be here. You called me brunori sass Because he is an artist that I respect a lot and he has not bore me, even though we are all busy on different fronts, after two years of hiatus. I suggested that I singblue lights“Together because it gives way to songwriting and that’s why I wanted to do it again in a different version. For me, it’s exciting for a guy to sing ‘And I’ll take you in his arms, without stressing too much … so as not to hurt you'”. Brunori Sass revealed that Emma texted him to invite him: ““Hi I’m Emma, ​​if you have five minutes call me I should tell you something,” he wrote to me. I thought it was my cousin named Emma and I answered and told her to write to me because I was rehearsing for the tour. “But of course I understand, I’m sorry it was for Campovolo,” she replied. Then I realized she wasn’t my cousin (laughs, editor).”

Alessandra Amoroso: “I will make noise with diodes” – “I put together the songs that I cared about the most. I’m glad to have Diodato with me on stage. He always excited me both at the Sanremo Festival and also at the Verona Arena when he sang solo. ‘Create a commotion’Eurovision. It was a punch in the stomach. I am honored to be there with him. I think I’ll steal from him”make a fuss’ Because I feel it so much in my strings.” The singer-songwriter replied: “I am honored to take part in a beautiful and soulful concert. I love the energy that Alessandra puts on stage.” The two artists promised to try to collaborate together.

Elisa: “Your way of Campovolo creates magic” – For me, it is an honor to sing and play here in front of 100,000 people, after the environmentally sustainable events in Verona and the celebrations, also in Campovolo, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Ligabue’s career. I remember the early years when I attended a Labor Day party and played in front of several thousand people. The feeling is always the same. I decided to close my group with “Your Way” not by chance. It’s one of the songs you entered at the end of the group Heart Obstacles“.It’s also the song that was born near here, in the house of Ligabue. A special atmosphere is always created when I sing it and it seems right that I greet my audience in this way.” Tommaso Paradiso thanked Elisa for choosing two pieces she signed “alone at night” (from open group) and “do not worry“When he told me we were going to sing my songs, he made me feel proud.”

Gianna Nanini and Georgia: “The Energy Between Us” – Gianna Nannini and Georgia together again at the press conference after the duo “Save me” in 2009. “I love the combination of my voice and Giorgia’s voice, I think they marry well and it doesn’t happen to anyone. I would like to meet to write something”, Said Nannini who took off with her rock but also called Coez (“It’s so good and for me it represents what’s new in Italian music”). Georgia wanted a rhythmic lineup: “I intentionally don’t have my songs so sad so people can sing along with my best songs. It included the classic ‘Gocce di memoria’ but also an inevitable hit of Bob Marley and hip-hop with Sottotono.” The two are happy to attend a unique event and meet again: “We support and support each other very much.”

Procedures developed for seven anti-violence centers – In these two years of waiting was Significant donations of €200,000 have already been made to the Casa di Acoglienza delle Don Maltratte (CADMI) anti-violence center.) and based on €200,000 for Pangea Online Foundation The Afghanistan Emergency Project. The remainder of the concert’s proceeds will be distributed to seven anti-violence centers located mainly in the center and south. Vice President of the International Women’s Home, Julia Minoli, identified the centers and explained: “Many choices have been made in the south because there are more difficult situations, from Sardinia to Calabria. In Locride, for example, many women do not know which structures they should turn to. Some centers have risked closing so the donation to this event is very important.” These are the seven selected centers: EVA Social Cooperative (Casal di Principe – RC), Associazione Piccola Opera Papa Giovanni Onlus – Antiviolence Center, “Angela Morabito” Refuge House (Ardore Marina – RC), “Telefono Donna” Antiviolence Center and “Casa of Women of Ester Sardaccione” (Potenza), Centro Donna Lilith (Latina), Association of Southeast Women (Conversano – BA), Association of Le Onde Onlus (Palermo) and Association of Prospettiva Donna (Olbia).

One ladder, nothing, a hundred thousand – Fiorella Manuia 1. Sally 2. Fighter 3. The Weight of Courage 4. No Consequences 5. What Women Don’t Say 6. General (with Cabarizza) 7. Come Dance in Puglia (with Cabarizza) // whatever 1. Love me 2. I’ll be free 3. Love is not enough for me 4. My city 5. Blue lights (with Brunori Sas) 6. Truth (with Brunori Sas) 7. Dumb joy 8. I am beautiful 9. Luck 10. Every time be like this // Alessandra Amoroso 1. Unmoved 2. Strangers Started From Yesterday 3. Stupid 4. Useless Song (with Diodato) 5. Make Noise (with Diodato) 6. Anyway Go 7. Big Smile 8. Live in Color // Georgia 1. Introduction + My Best Day 2. Fits in Memory 3. I Believe 4. You Don’t Like Me 5. Mastroianni (With Down Undertone) 6. Turn Off the Lights (With Down Undertone) 7. It Takes Me Up 8. Sun and Blue // Elisa 1. Alone at Night (with Tommaso Paradiso) 2. Fear not (with Tommaso Paradiso) 3. Litoranea 4. Or maybe you are 5. So fragile 6. Light 7. No hero 8. Together 9. Obstacles to the Heart 10. Your Way // Gianna Nanini Introduction 1. Air Ends 2. Fotoromanza 3. Mutivo (Con Coez) 4. As in Songs (Con Coez) 5. America 6. Latin Lover 7. Beautiful and Impossible 8. You Are in the Soul 9. Wonderful Creature // Laura Busini 1. Instead No 2. Hear 3. As If Love Never Been 4. Between You and the Sea 5. Half Sentences 6. Square 7. The Most Beautiful Thing (With Eros Ramazotti) 8. I Yes 9. Similar – Everyone is final together You Have a Friend by Carol King

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