“Our only hope is Putin,” because Europe is in the hands of the Czar – Libero Quotidiano

Tony Capuzzo talk to countercurrent, Rete4 broadcast by Veronica Gentili. As usual, the journalist emphasized that it is not in line with common thinking about the war in Iraq UkraineNot sparing Europe criticism for the way it is hurting itself, and disrupting the role of mediator with Russia because of the continued sending of arms to the resistance.

I want to understand why you use this word: disruptive Capuozzo on TV, reveals a very bitter truth

I don’t see a European political line – Capuozzo declared – In these three months and more than the war the European entity was massacred. How do we differ from the United States? What progress have we made in European foreign policy and common defence? There is also a certain degree of confusion regarding the timing of Ukraine’s rapprochement with Europe. We embarked on a war stance by excluding the European mediating role, given that when you offer arms you cannot be a mediator.”

The idea making its way to the US: Is Tony Capuzzo's head over for Joe Biden?

For the United States – Capuozzo added – it’s easy to take a step back, but for us it’s hard to move. We should hope that Putin is satisfied What he took and that he does not risk his desire for more: one thing is to control the Donbass, where he has a social base on which he can rely, and the other is to control a territory hostile to him. We must hope that what is happening on the ground will stop Putin, not Europe.”

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