Overwatch 2 could be free to play inside – Nerd4.life

According to insider The Snitch, Monitor 2 maybe you can be Launched as a game Free to play, thus with free access with microtransactions. The insider didn’t write it explicitly, but he made it clear without much potential for error with a Twitter message.

As you can read, The Snitch took on one of the archetypal Overwatch logos, but rejected it in favor of rumors:

We hope.
We are proud.
We are brave.
We are right.
We are sympathetic.
We are determined.
We are harmony.
We are free to play.

In the original text, instead of “We are free to play” it is said “We are Overwatch”.

Keep in mind that the multiplayer part of Overwatch 2 is already free for Overwatch owners. Did Blizzard decide to cancel payment for access to the game, to ensure a larger user base right away? Nothing is official, so take everything very carefully, but it wouldn’t be strange if it happened, because now companies earn more from micro-transactions than from selling the games themselves.

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