Pay attention to the amount of fish per week: you are at risk of developing cancer

Research has revealed alarming new data: you have to pay attention to how much fish you eat per week, you are at risk of developing cancer.

Fish (Photo Pixabay / Inran)

Healthy eating is very important. It is necessary to pay attention to eating good foods that do not cause harm to your body in any way. body health It depends on many factors, one of which is undoubtedly what a person eats. However, unfortunately, it often happens that the food that is put on the table may not be as healthy as one might think, or its excessive consumption may have long-term consequences.

Bad news for those who love fish and eat large quantities during the week. In fact, a recent study revealed disturbing data: based on fish quantity Ingested a week, you could risk contracting cancer.

A recent study indicates the relationship between the amount of fish eaten and the risk of cancer

Fish on the table (Photo Pixabay)
Fish on the table (Photo Pixabay)

It is important to know what you eat, how it can affect your body and the long-term consequences. recent study Revealed how to consume approximately an amount 300 grams of fish per week, it may increase your risk of developing cancer.

Specifically, we are talking about a malignant melanoma. It will be in its most severe form and its birth appears to be strictly related to eating fish. The search was performed by Brown University Consists of 491,367 adults residing in United State. Their average age is 62, and the recorded data relates to consumption of fried and non-fried tuna and fish. Data on the parts with which they were taken are also reported.

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In general it is estimated that about 300 grams is eaten per week by the average person, and this data comes with it other, or based on this amount the risk of skin cancer appears to be 22% more likely Unlike those who eat less.

It is clear that many characteristics and data of each study participant were taken into account, as if they were Smoker, family history of illness, alcoholism or body weight. It is assumed that the results are due to the presence of contaminants in food such as dioxins, mercury, arsenic, polychlorinated biphenyls and biphenyls.

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In this regard, the chief scientist atCancer Research Institute d. Michael JonesHe wanted to have his say on the subject, noting that research reports indicate that the reasons for the association between fish and cancer are the presence of contaminated food in this food, but the values ​​of these in the participants were unaware. This is to confirm that the increased likelihood of disease can also be closely related to fish intake but in relation to other habits of the subjects.

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