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From 2035 it will be a revolution in the car market and there will be no Nicholas Borough. Journalist and presenter of the Fourth Republic program devoted the daily study to his “soup” of the EU-declared stoppage of petrol and diesel cars: “We’re talking about the main industry in the European world and let’s pretend it’s wrong. A study conducted by Aci in 2021 says that electric emissions for the range The higher is higher than that of Euro 6. We need to put things in perspective Another reliable German study claims that Tesla produces more carbon dioxide than a Mercedes turbo How do we produce electricity in this country Do you really think that with cells Will we be able to produce electricity to renew our entire fleet?”

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In recent days, Borough has been highly critical of Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission: “He’s Gretino, a bearded Dutchman who wants us all Chinese.” “Everything else is just bait, Europe and America knew how to make engines and what to do? They’re killing this industry because there are Gretney, minc*** heads who think petrol cars pollute more than their cell phones or various technological innovations” the rest of the journalist spree, who This step was not grasped at all forcing Europe’s auto industry to drastic changes in the future.

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