‘Sansepolcro should not shut down, we’ve all mobilized to avoid it’

Sansepolcro’s Democratic Party commends the ASL’s statement on the averted summer closure of the Valtiberina hospital’s medical department due to staff shortages, as sounded from the first warnings.
“Changing the direction the whole community has pushed for and in which the local, provincial and territorial Democratic Party – the Democratic Party wrote in a memo – has played its important role to protect services to citizens, especially those
Health, which should always be the first idea of ​​those who manage public affairs and the politicians who make their choices.
We have worked at all levels up to the district, to push for a suitable solution that will give continuity to the service and we have all succeeded together, a big thank you to the management of ASL for working hard to find a technical solution and going to our political representatives in the district by the Relational Consultant, to the Consultant Ceccarelli, who invested directly in support of the solution.
Chicarelli himself intervened: “It is inconceivable that in a small hospital, such as Sansepolcro, one could think of closing the drug, even in an objectively difficult case of shortage
the doctors. With this conviction, I am committed to finding a solution that will allow us to keep such a strategic department operating.”

“The company – continues Ceccarelli – is also looking for cooperation with larger hospitals, if necessary also in other nearby areas. I am confident, but committed to ensuring that the path we have taken
Leading the company to identify a solution to the problem.”
Words by Andrea Lorenzi, Municipal Counsellor B.
satisfaction. I would like to especially thank Regional Adviser Simone Bizini, who I work with
These days I have enjoyed a personal and ongoing relationship of effort. In the city there was
Great and justified concern.”

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