“Sell me? I didn’t say I wanted to leave Naples!”

Peter Zelensky has denied rumors of a possible farewell to Napoli in this transfer window

Transfer market in Naples – Peter Zelensky denies rumors of a possible farewell to Naples. The midfielder, who scored yesterday against Poland in the Netherlands, made some comments in the mixed zone at the conclusion of the Nations League match.


Goodbye Zelensky, Naples: Polish clarifies

Here are Zelensky’s words in the mixed region after Holland and Poland:

Will I leave Napoli in the next transfer window? I don’t understand where these rumors come from, and I don’t think my adventure in Naples ends this summer. I have an important contract with the club, it will last for another two years and in Napoli I feel good, even if I read the opposite somewhere. The desire to leave the club never left my mouth. That’s right, I had a tough time in the second half of the season, but it wouldn’t put an end to my life in the blue. I want to continue at Napoli because it is a great team.”

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