Smartphone, does the battery not last long? Watch out for these 4 mistakes, they are often unintentional

The smartphone is now our travel companion. The battery can sometimes worry about its poor endurance. Beware of these 4 mistakes, we usually don’t notice anything.

Among the devices that we use a lot on a daily basis, we must include them smart phone. This accompanies us for large parts of the day and allows us to have many solutions. From work to a few moments of rest. In short, a smartphone is definitely essential. On the other hand, some users may notice a battery that immediately reduces its power. This could be the result of four very common mistakes we make without even realizing it.


Smartphones are, up to now, taking over more and more in our lives. Whether at home or on the road, this device is always in our hands. It has the ability to attract us in any situation. However, a smartphone with a battery that runs out quickly, worries the user. That is why we must be attentive to any details.

There are many reasons to worry that a smartphone can turn on. A few weeks ago we discovered some Smartphones that worry about radiation. But this time, we will show some mistakes that we often make without even noticing anything. 4 errors have their own effect on the battery. Here’s what you should pay attention to.

Smartphone, beware the battery: these bugs can have a big impact

The first point to pay attention to is Do not completely discharge the battery. In fact, modern models are not like the ones that existed a few years ago. Before, you could download an entire device, but this time no. With new batteries it is best to recharge the smartphone when it is between 15% and 75% and does not reach the maximum. By acting like this, we can allow the battery to have a long life.

The second error is the error related to cables. This is, in all probability, one of the most serious mistakes. Many people think that one cable is as good as the other, and more often than not, they also choose an incompatible cable. This is not the case at all because non-original components have a devastating effect on our devices. A non-original cable can cause the battery to overheat, thereby damaging it.

Another mistake is to keep pressing The phone is connected to the charger Although it is at its best. Also, it would be better to take it off a little earlier even if it’s not 100%. However, this situation causes the battery capacity to decrease and the phone to overheat. And as we all know, heat is the enemy of a smartphone.

At exactly the temperature we close with a very frequent fourth error. In this regard, we must be wary of car charger or these portable. When we are outside, we must be careful not to leave the device charging in the sun. Not only does this affect the battery, but it could risk “cooking” it with an extreme scenario of it exploding. Therefore, let’s avoid exposing the smartphone to heat sources. In this case, this affects not only the battery, but also our finances and health.

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