Starfield appears in the first gameplay video! Weapons, history, characters, editors and more!

On the queue at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, Todd Howard took to the stage to finally present the gameplay of one of the most awaited games of the generation: we’re obviously talking about it starfield

Introducing the science fiction RPG game what players have been waiting for for a long time, is Overview of the game world and gameplay. It all began on Crete, the moon of Ansilon, in the year 2330: after landing his spaceship, the player explores a desert-like landscape with an accompanying robot. The gameplay footage emphasizes the dual camera in first and third person perspective (in full Bethesda style), provides a look at the HUD and accompanies the discovery of the vegetation, minerals and creatures that inhabit the place. Then he travels to space for a series of shootouts inside a research laboratory, where the player manages to show off his arsenal to defeat a series of human enemies.

Present the second part of the presentation taste of historynon-player characters, and locations of the new sci-fi world drawn by Bethesda, the powerful character editor and spacecraft building system, which can be freely commanded and implemented in combat in space, either from a first-person or third-person perspective. Todd Howard finally let us get a taste of the grandeur of the Starfield universe and gave us a date in 2023 on Xbox, PC, and the cloud, with instant access to Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft’s summary image, shown below, indicates that it will be released within the next 12 months, so it should arrive by June 2023.

“Bethesda Game Studios looks forward to bringing this experience to players”Howard said. “It’s been a great journey for all of us, but we know this is only the beginning, because the real journey will only start with the players.”. Find the entire Starfield Show at the top of this news, and enjoy!

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