That is why a stray dog ​​enters the church and “steals” bread during mass without the priest noticing

Feeding the hungry is an act of mercy prophesied by the Catholic religion. But there are those who serve themselves as well. This is what happened while celebrating Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Belencito, in Nopsa, Colombia: A stray dog ​​crept into the church and when he saw the bread on a side table to the altar, he was ready to live. Grace, he didn’t think twice, but bit her and took her away.

Columbia, a stray dog ​​enters the church and steals bread from the altar

Apparently, the priest did not notice the four-legged man entering the religious place, while the believer Fabio Montus, who immediately took his cell phone to commemorate the theft. But the guy did not go further to shoot the video, and therefore preferred to fill his stomach with the dog, clearly hungry.

In the video, the priest can be seen intent on celebrating mass at the altar and choir singing religious songs. No one seems to notice the dog who, guided by his sense of smell, goes to the table, gets up on his feet and grabs a piece of bread and then quietly walks with the stolen objects between his teeth.

The video was then posted on social media and collected many comments in favor of the four-legged friend: “The innocence of animals is priceless, I love it,” wrote one user. Another writes, “God gives bread to the hungry.” Then again: “Even dogs are part of the kingdom of God” and “He also has the right to eat, how beautiful that is.”

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