The evolution of the scene, on an asteroid from space we found the origins of terrestrial life

Why does life exist on earth? If you’ve never asked yourself this question because you’re too busy shopping and thinking about bills, I understand you, but know science is thinking about it for you and will try to keep you updated on the topic.

For example, you should know that the Japanese probe Hayabusa2 recently found more than 20 types of amino acids on an asteroid. This means that organic compounds are present in these space objects.

Christoph Bergstede / Science Photo LibraryGetty Images

Amino acids are necessary for all living things as we know them to make proteins, the process that is the basis of life. so what? One theory is that the early Earth was too hot to support these particles and that they would arrive later thanks to pieces of an asteroid that fell from space.

So life on Earth can come from space.

Japan’s science ministry says several teams of researchers are analyzing the material and will publish more detailed papers in the coming weeks.

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