The ‘Famous Island 2022’, between Lucca and Gaetano are sparks again

Among the outcasts, discussions continue due to Olito’s lack of competence at work

“You have to show that you have willpower – Luca told him – it’s not just ‘Gennaro help me do it’ and OK, I’ll do the homework at that moment and then sit down again.” Reprimand Gennaro does not accept. “What’s homework? What Luca?! What are you saying?” He responds, accusing Luca of not doing much “just because you caught two small fish”. The other replies: “It’s always better than you say ‘I wasn’t born a fisherman’, and with that excuse you’d never go fishing.”

Entato Eduardo, who returns to Playa after a few days of absence, can’t help but notice Mercedes’s and tells Carmen and Estefania that he finds her even more beautiful. Estefania who tickles his ego points out how Mercedes misses him…

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