The hero doctor who saved thousands of lives by pumping hydrogen into the anus

History is full of unknown heroes, especially doctors who have conducted decades of research for the benefit of humanity. The Dr. Nicholas Sen He falls into the category just mentioned, and despite his unorthodox practices, his studies have saved thousands of lives.

Sen was an American surgeon who served in the Spanish-American War in 1898. AAt that time, x-rays were not widely usedTherefore, it was very difficult to diagnose and locate gunshot wounds in the abdomen, which penetrated the intestine or stomach. This was a problem, given that without a quick fix These injuries quickly led to death (Did you know that AI could save us from some of these in the future?).

Then the doctor came up with a solution: use hydrogen to search for the wound. “It occurred to him that he could somehow look for an injury to the stomach or intestines when a plumber discovered a gas pipe leak.‘, says a doc about it. That’s why Senn They began to pump air into the intestines.. through the rectum in patients.

The first objective to be achieved was to demonstrate the permeability of the entire gut to air inflationThe document continues. The doctor decided to use hydrogen because it does not irritate tissues and can be easily detected by setting it on fire. The surgeon decided that Try this technique yourself, work 100%..

Approximately 6 liters of gas were blown rectally. The flatulence of the colon simply caused the sensation of bloating along its course, but when the gas leaked into the ileum, I felt colic pains.Sen himself wrote. This practice, contrary to all expectations, It turned out to be a godsend for fixing woundssaving countless lives before X-ray technology became widespread.

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