The neglected mountaineer, Luigi Giannini, has been found

FORMAZA – The body was found lifeless after a journey of a few dozen meters in the Pasodino region, on the border between Ossola and the canton of Ticino, by Luigi Giannini, a 64-year-old psychologist and psychotherapist from Lugano. Report it to the area.

The man left his car in Reale, in the Valley of Formazza, and from there he left alone, going along the Via de Cresta that leads from Castlehorn and Peso Caverigno to Pasodino.

Yesterday morning, straight from the mountain, he sent a selfie before disappearing. In the evening the family called the police.

Rescuers in Riga, whose helicopter made a night flight, raised the warning not to return to the Italian authorities, but without any result. Then a helicopter 118 flew over the area this morning to identify the body and later retrieve it.

After death was confirmed, the body was handed over to the Carabinieri for judicial police operations.

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