The new game will benefit from the cloud, the official announcement!

After many rumors and mindless thoughts, Hideo Kojima She finally appeared on the stage of a Microsoft event with a special announcement to share with the audience.

creator death strand Based on hard lime metal Indeed, the saga has confirmed that it is working on a new production directed exclusively at verdecrociate platforms. Hideo Kojima described the project as a game he had always wanted, but it lacked the technology to make it. The latter, the game director confirmed, was saved by his progress Microsoft in the field of game in the cloud. For some time, in fact, the Phil Spencer team has been working on xCloud and on the capabilities offered by the Azure server platform.

Unfortunately, from the stageXbox + Bethesda Gallery No trailer dedicated to the new project has yet been shared Kojima Productions, which also remains untitled. Hideo Kojima concluded that it may take some time to develop, but the author is optimistic that more details can be provided in the near future.

In the meantime, from the event stage, comes confirmation of the arrival of Diablo IV in 2023, along with the introduction of the new gameplay Redfall, an IP developed by the Arkane team.

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