The Russian army lacks soldiers, five times the average salary of those conscripts

salaries richer, bonus And the amenities. Army Russian Intensify its recruitment campaign. Almost wages five times Higher than usual for those who decided to enlist and participate in war in Ukraine.

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The Russian army lacks soldiers

Offers have also appeared on Russian job sites, says Elbais, looking for “wartime mobilization specialists.” The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in recent days that “secret mobilization procedures are underway in Russia”: “The enemy continues to transfer old weapons and military equipment from mobilization centers. Reservists are trained in the Voronezh region ».


In Tula, a city located 200 kilometers south of Moscow, those who agree to conscription for three months are offered a monthly wage of 170,000 rubles, or about $3,000, which is four times higher than the average salary in the region. Insider reports, carried news from the Moscow Times: a conscript in the Russian army in Chechnya was offered instead a salary of 300,000 rubles for the first month, about 5,200 dollars, almost five times the norm. Moscow has also set up mobile recruitment offices across the country to rapidly increase recruitment numbers. In the Russian army, according to the Washington Post, contract soldiers usually sign up for three years and get paid about $1,100 a month. But Moscow now faces the need to quickly and decisively implement the number of soldiers to be sent to Ukraine. So he changed the rules of engagement by offering much higher wages than usual. According to El Paìs, however, there is an attempt to persuade potential recruits as well by promising that they will not be sent to combat zones or that they will be able to easily terminate the contract they have to stipulate.


The basis for it all seems to be the fact that three months into the war, the Kremlin continues to say that the war in Ukraine is nothing but a “special military operation”. This makes it more difficult to organize a crowd appropriate to their needs. Military service is mandatory in Russia until age 27, says Elbise, but only professional soldiers can be sent to war. There are two conscripts for military service each year, and about 135 thousand young soldiers are conscripted in the spring. Shortly before the conflict began, El Pais recalled, the United States estimated that Russia would deploy between 169 thousand and 190,000 troops to Ukraine. The need for a long-term campaign is now compelling them to mobilize a much larger number than originally planned.

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