These recordings and vinyls of famous singers which many have at home without knowing that they have a treasure that can be worth a fortune

We almost all struggle with soaring prices that, once again, are suddenly back to spoil our summer. Gasoline is starting to rise again, after the quieter price of the past few weeks, and even commodities, such as bread, are seeing a price hike. With the problem of salaries and pensions which, on the other hand, is almost constant, if not exacerbated. That is why, perhaps, we are working hard to find ways to supplement income, from home, for free, with convenient online jobs. However, sometimes, we may have treasure within our walls, without our knowledge.

We’d better check our collection of records carefully

Because we don’t always realize the value of the things we have at home. Especially if they belong to our youth. Make a mistake not only, because these recordings and vinyls of famous singers who might be lying in the basement or attic could be worth a fortune. In fact, the vinyl market is growing and not a little. Back in the day, given that the record industry seems to be making a shrimp move. That is, going forward, looking back. Indeed, in 2021, in the first quarter alone, turnover grew by 121%.

It is well known that for those who own it, 33 RPM vinyl records represent, first and foremost, a personal invaluable heritage. We are related to them, perhaps related to the memory of our youth or our first love. However, in addition to sentimental value, vinyl can also have economic value and not only. For example, if we owned the Beatles’ single “Love Me Do”, released by Parlophone in 1962, we could earn close to 15,000 euros. Anyone who loves David Bowie and had, at the time, bought the album titled “David Bowie”, on its first British release, has nearly €7,000 in the house.

These recordings and vinyls of famous singers which many have at home without knowing that they have a treasure that can be worth a fortune

On the other hand, the Pet Shop Boys “Yes”, dated 2009, in its special edition, is worth €7,500. Could Pink Floyd be missing out? of course not. If we buy Ammagoma in 1969, we have a record of over $13,000. If then, fans of Prince, we have the “black album” at home, pulled by the singer a few weeks after its release, in the original version, we have a treasure of 27,500 euros.

Who are the Italian singers? Ditto, starting with Pooh’s album “Contrasto”. Published in only a thousand copies, anyone who owns one carries a vinyl worth about 1,800 euros. The great Mina is present in this very arrangement with “Mina Ma’ak”. It was a promotional album and was printed, for this reason, in few copies, worth up to 2500 euros. As for Vasco Rossi, his album “But What Would You Like a Song”, the first rock album, in the original version, has a market value of more than 2000 euros.

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