Thus the Zs disappear in Moscow and the war disappears while Russian propaganda invades Mariupol

In Russia, Z-codes disappear for the invasion of Ukraine. One by one, local authorities raised banners hailing the victory of the “special military operation”. Perhaps the most remarkable cases are those of the banner that appeared on the facade of the building of the Russian Railways with the emblem on it.About the president, about the armyWhich was located in the headquarters building of Good Russia – for the Truth Party, as shown in the cover photo. Z has also been removed from the streets and buildings of Saint Petersburg, Kirov and Novosibirsk, according to Moscow Times. Meanwhile, in the occupied Ukrainian lands, banners and memorials began to appear celebrating their Russian affiliation

There is no sign of war

As for the leader of the Truth Party, Sergei Mironov said in a message on his Telegram channel that Moscow city officials had ordered him to remove the banner from the facade of the building. Mironov writes in the letter: “The first reason given by the officials was the numerous requests from citizens. Of course, it couldn’t be otherwise! However, I seriously doubt the validity of these requests.” Mironov continues: “Journalists and volunteers arriving in the capital from conflict zones are surprised that on the outside of Moscow there is nothing reminiscent of the war in which the fate of our country is decided: not a single national billboard, not a single picture of our heroes, neither Z nor V “

‘Change the brand’ of the dispute

Why, explains a Carnegie Endowment for International Peace analyst Andrei Kolesnikov to me Moscow Times It could be that “in this new phase of the conflict, attention is focused more on the ‘liberated’ areas rather than the ones that have been occupied. Abbas Galiamov, the political analyst who was responsible for writing the speeches of Russian President Vladimir Putin, also spoke of the ‘renaming’ of the war “clearly stalled politically and militarily”. The Russian army has effectively changed its strategy. While at the beginning of the conflict it seemed to refer to all of Ukraine, it is now focusing only on the area east of the Nebro River. According to Galamov, the removal of the Zs could be a way to distract People’s attention about the war.

Russian propaganda in the occupied territories

ANSA | Massive entry sign for Mariupol after “rebranding” in a Russian key. It was also noted that the two different languages ​​were used

Meanwhile, propaganda posters praising their Russian identity began to appear in the occupied territories. In the photos below, in the occupied pro-Russian territory of Lugansk, we read: “For a world without NazismAnd we are Russians! God is with us.” The news came, yesterday, of the replacement of the huge banner welcoming the entrance to the occupied city of Mariupol, which was initially colored in yellow and blue like the Ukrainian flag, with the same sign written in Russian in red and blue, like the Union flag.

Cover Photo: The banner that popped up on the building housing Good Russia – for the Truth PartyTelegram channel of Sergey Mironov

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