To be happy without much effort, 10 minutes of this activity that everyone can do is enough

We are all searching for happiness and mistakenly believe that money is what makes it. You only need to follow the daily news to understand that this is not the case. In fact, happiness mainly stems from general psychophysical well-being. What is important is how to achieve this state of well-being. Certain foods and physical activity for a set number of minutes a day can enhance happiness. Let’s find out how it is possible, sometimes easier than you think, to reach this psychological state.

Science tells us that the neurotransmitter in our bodies can affect people’s mood. This substance is serotonin, which is present in every person. Researchers from the University of Pavia discovered this substance in 1935. Serotonin affects many important functions of our body including our mood.

Certain activities can help the body to increase the production of this substance. Nutrition can also be a valid ally in favoring serotonin production. In particular, 6 foods that increase happiness and serenity and fight anxiety and depression.

To be happy without much effort, 10 minutes of this activity that everyone can do is enough

In addition to nutrition, physical activity also helps produce serotonin. According to a University of Michigan study, an older person may feel happier with just 10 minutes of physical activity per day. The study, conducted by the American University researchers, was published in the Journal of Happiness Studies. The results are useful. These indicate that those who exercise daily are 52% more likely to be happy than those who do not exercise. With an increase in the minutes devoted to sports, the degree of psychophysical well-being increases.

At this point, the question is automatically asked about which sports activity is best to practice and for how long. Obviously, physical activity depends on the person, their physical condition, and their age. Even a simple walk can be very beneficial. Several studies claim that 7,000 steps per day can lead to health benefits, especially for the cardiovascular system.

Medicine indicates that without special contraindications, walking for 20 minutes a day can bring significant benefits to health and physical well-being. A University of Michigan study showed that 10 minutes per day is enough to boost the production of endorphins and, in turn, serotonin.

To be happy without making a lot of effort, in addition to walking, any physical activity can promote improved psychophysical well-being, especially if it is done willingly. There are those who like to walk, those who prefer to run, those who ride a bike. Someone is devoted to swimming or more demanding sports, such as tennis. Golf is also very suitable. Here it is not practiced, but in Anglo-Saxon countries it is almost a team sport. Dance lovers will be pleasantly surprised to discover that this activity also helps produce serotonin.


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