Tom Henderson sure of it

with the ‘Xbox and Bethesda Gallery Now around the corner, rumors and predictions about the event Microsoft They are becoming more and more, among those who hope to see them again in the action games already announced in recent years and off-the-shelf productions that are ready to further enrich the product range. X-Box.

Well-known insiders are considering a potential big preview of the June 12th event Tom Hendersonwho declared during one of the live broadcasts to be clear and round: Hideo Kojima will be at Xbox & Behtesda Show, ready to show his new project which, at this point, could be the exclusive right of Microsoft as has been rumored several times in the past months. Moreover, for the leaker, Kojima should limit himself to confirming cooperation with Xbox, without showing anything from the work, and certainly not part of the gameplay.

Henderson’s words immediately bounced around in major international forums, including Reddit, instantly sparking fan fantasies. Kojima’s name also appeared in a leak revealing Xbox & Bethesda Showcase games, although it’s not very reliable. But with Henderson proving to be a reliable leaker on so many past occasions, the chances of the iconic game designer being a part of the show are really starting to get more real.

The same insider also revealed, among other things, that Kojima’s new game is a horror game called Overdose: could it really be the alleged Xbox exclusive he’s been working on for some time? In the exhibition we will discover what the truth is.

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