Who Was Piero Sugar, Farewell to Katrina Caselli’s Husband?

Recording artist, publisher and music producer Piero Sugar, husband of Caterina Caselli, died last night at his Milan home at the age of 85. The funeral service will take place, as announced by the same family, tomorrow, Monday, June 13, at 2.45 pm, in the Basilica of San Marco in Milan.

Born in Milan on February 7, 1937, the son of Ladislao Sugar (Budapest 1896 – Milan 1981), founder of Messaggerie Musicali, who in 1959 acquired the CGD, Compagnia Generale del Disco, founded by Teddy Renault, giving life to and CGD-Sugar . After joining his father’s company in the mid-1960s, Piero Sugar later became CEO and Vice President, witnessing the entire remarkable season of the musical boom and its technological transformation.

Piero Sugar met Katrina Caselli, who is nine years her junior, at the time she renamed The Golden Helmet, shortly after the hugely successful Nobody Can Judge Me (1966) produced by Sugar. The couple married in 1970, when she was 24 and he was 33. In 1971, their son Filippo Sugar was born, who has served as the CEO of the Sugar Group since 1997 and was also Chairman of the Siae Board of Directors from 2015 to 2018.

In the mid-70s, Katerina Caselli, having completed her career as a singer, decided to do record-breaking business together with her husband, becoming part of the management of the Sugar Music group’s record company. Caterina Caselli was not only a manager, but also a talent explorer: she launched, among others, Gioni Russo, Paolo Valese, Andrea Bocelli, Girardina Trova, Philippa Giordano, Avion Travel, Gazzuza, Elisa, Negramaro, Malaika Ayan, Rafael Gualuzzi and Giovanni Cacamozzi. .

Caterina Caselli’s meeting with Piero Sugar, who later became the man of her life, happened completely by chance, but she had no doubts when she decided to pronounce the fateful yes at the height of popularity. The couple has always kept their love from the spotlight, and they live in a very special way. “Often, after concerts and evenings, I found myself alone in the hotel and said to myself: What am I going to pay to be with my friends, to be able to eat pizza like everyone else – said the former singer in an interview with Vanity Fair – I also missed not being able to Studying a lot. Then something very important happened, which changed my life: I fell in love with Piero: my husband.”

Reserved and discreet to show business, fame, and notoriety, Piero Sugar has always worked to stay a bit in the shadows even if he was very present in the artistic productions of the many singers he released. And his appreciation, as a gentleman, led him to be a little in the shadows even in his wife’s managerial career. One of his most recent public releases at the Rome Film Festival last October 26: Piero Sugar was not really good, but wanted to attend the screening of a documentary film dedicated to his wife called “Catrina Caselli – One Life, One Hundred Lives.”

(by Paolo Martini)

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