Why del Piero was invited to Britney Spears’ wedding

Alessandro Del Piero was invited to Britney Spears’ wedding and Wissam Asgari. A presence that stunned more than all the Italian fans: theThe former Juventus player and Italy national team were among the 60 guests at the exclusive event, which has generated a lot of talk in recent days. The athlete was accompanied by his wife Sonia AmorosoHe was wearing a long fuchsia dress. Smoking for Pinturicchio, who showed himself on Instagram smiling and radiant. But what does Alex have to do with the Queen of Pop?

The bond between Del Piero and Britney Spears

Alexander Del Piero He was invited to the wedding of the year because of A very close friend of the groom Sam Asgari. After leaving football, he moved with his family to Los Angeles. Here he opened a restaurant and collaborates with the Juventus Academy. Between engagements, the 47-year-old has managed to create an important network of friendships, which includes her new husband. Britney Spears. Some time ago, Sam shared a photo with Del Piero on Instagram and called him his “brother”.

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Britney Spears, an exclusive wedding ends with a kiss to Madonna!

Del Piero between Madonna and Selena Gomez

Marriage with Sam Asgari – a personal trainer, model and actor of Iranian descent who is 13 years younger than the singer – is Britney Spears’ third marriage. behind Del Piero They were present at the ceremony in California: Madonna, Donatella Versace, Drew Barrymore, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez.

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