“Why don’t I report” – Libero Quotidiano

Bad adventure, really unfortunately Alba Baretti: It was his own villa robbed thieves And the showgirl from Piedmont, 60, vented all her bitterness on social media. With a long post on Instagram, he said he no longer finds various things in his house. These are great clothes, designer clothes Versaceexpensive shoes Jimmy ChooClothes made just for her. A piece of heart, therefore, but also significant financial harm.

Don't ask me if this is serious.  Alba Baretti, the sexy photos you took out in the open

Regarding the theft, I was a bit irritated to discover that the most important pieces had been taken away. And I also thought about making a complaint, and then realized that every time I think about doing it I was angry. Denouncing the person or people I thought might have meant giving up even for a few minutes my state of grace and serenity. I leave to those who have deprived me of things, memories, clothes, etc… the satisfaction of wearing it even though it is not theirs.”

The bitter irony of course, but also the confirmation of the strong bond with his new partner, Fabio Adami, able to give you some serenity in living even the most unpleasant moments. “I warn thieves that there is nothing else to be stolen,” he added, and that there is anyway 10 camerasand to those who criticize the fact that I have a maid, I would say that this is a fully respected business if one is not compelled to deceive himself which is certainly not the case.”

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