“With Luca, distance is a big obstacle”

How do things go between Luca Salatino and Soria Cerruti after choosing between men and women? The former suitor speaks.

Luca Salatino conclude his throne men and women with choice Soraya Siruti. The couple, a few weeks after wrapping up their dating show Canale 5, are finally living their story away from the cameras and everything seems to be going well, despite an objective issue, which is distance: after.

Men and women, Soraya Cerruti: “With Luca, distance is a big obstacle”

Last weekend they allowed themselves a romantic trip to Como, my hometown secretlyaccompanied by Matteo Ranieri and Valeria Cardone And this week they always returned to Rome with Matthew and Valeria. Thanks to the great friendship born between two former co-reigns, in fact, the four former characters of the dating show spend a lot of time together especially around the capital. Recently, the 27-year-old Italian-Egyptian met the mother Pretzel with whom the boy is closely related. In short, everything seems to be going smoothly and secretly She said she was having a really happy time.

L ‘former suitor She answered some of the couple’s many fans’ curiosity, admitting that she’d like to be able to live with Luca Also for the problem of the distance separating them. secretly In fact, he lived in Como Former Tronista in Rome.

“We’re at the beginning, getting to know each other. Distance is a good hurdle but I will say well.”

The former matchmaker talked about her dreams, including the dream of starting a family soon:

“After ten years? I would like to be content and calm, I want nothing else, with my family and my work. A simple road full of love, the engine of everything.”

to ask “Where will you and Luca live?”replied:

“Where does our heart take us. Rome? We will evaluate all possibilities, it is still too early to make decisions.”

on me Luca Then he added.

One of his qualities is that he is very kind, reliable, heart, and a man of old values, of sound principles. Flaw: When he fixes a word he never gives up.

About his former “rival”, Police NightAnd the secretly He said:

“We are not friends but of course I wish her well.”

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