World Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Day, a video that tells the story of Aldo Medicina

The celebrations of World ALS Day opened with the presentation of the visual poem “Days at the Window”, which tells the dream and imagination journey that the patient takes through the window of his room. The video dedicated to Aldo, a former Sicilian runner who died of the SLA, but also to the Isla Society, which takes care of ALS patients, was shown last night at Tenute Lombardo di San Cataldo in Sicily and is available today on youtbe. This article is taken from the short story Sagatorio by Sicilian author Gabriella Sardo. From his bed with each waking Aldo tried to fly out of that window frame, leaving himself with long memories of life, lost in his wife’s stories, trying to leave the narrow confines of his body that no longer cooperated due to an illness. And here he is running with his friends as a child, with the girl he has loved all his life. A trip, a great race for the marathon and the group of friends who keep running for it today.

David La Paglia, contact person at Aisla Caltanissetta recalls his friendship with Aldo: “I met him when they came to our house with his wife. Good friendship. Not only did we share pathology but the fact that we were athletes. And sport gives you that extra edge, shapes you, gives you that.” Discipline and willingness to fight and fight for always wanting to win, our heads held high. Just as in sports, we have met in life and on this difficult path an illness. Today I am pleased to be here to honor his memory with his wonderful family.”

The visual poem is a production of “Yes in Sicily”, a fact born from the idea of ​​a group of friends with different artistic expertise such as video making, theater, photography and writing to talk about Sicily in a different way, through visual stories. Where they talk about places, traditions and stories. “We wanted to deal with this topic without mentioning the disease. It was a difficult challenge but it came automatically after the words of Gabriella, whose words were the subject of the visual poem. We wanted to give her an important role in a stanza: Gabriella plays Aldo’s wife, the one who opens the window with Giorgio. Separates The script is about the script as if it takes on a form of its own. Opening the window means moving forward, overcoming the barrier, overturning the schemes. Vincenzo Amico, Vitali Vancheri, Massimo Palmigiano and all the Friends of Sicily We discovered a strong and deep emotion” – comments by director Giuseppe Palmieri. Created in collaboration with CGS Don Bosco San Cataldo Theater @boratorio and Massimo Palmigiano pics & clips, the visual poem contains a curiosity: The Child Running is Giorgio Falzone, Aldo’s nephew.

For Fulvia Massimilli and Michele La Busata, President and National Vice President of Aisla respectively, “There could not have been a better occasion to begin the celebrations for World ALS Day. Today we witnessed great emotions. Days in the Window is a story of getting to know each other and Aldo’s is a race Aisla will continue to do so until, hopefully, as soon as possible, to turn the page and finally begin writing a new story for the history of the disease.”

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