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Michelle Hunziker criticizes Jerry Scotty? The announcer’s words overwhelmed him, leaving everyone amazed

Members Jerry Scotty They were shocked by what happened in the studio. A surreal episode starring two leaders stripping news. Michael Hunziker He is known by everyone in Italy, despite being of Swiss origin. One of the most loved lead singers by the general public, not only because of her talent and skills, but above all because of her brilliance. a smile.

there Hunziker conveycontagious joy which is hard to resist. The presenter passes through a difficult period. After the painful separation from her husband Tommaso Trussardi, today she finds herself facing again problem. But this time, it’s not about his private life, but about his health.

Michael Hunzikerin fact, it was positive in COVID-19. Which is why she can’t be physically present in the studio, on the May 9th episode of stripping news. Hunziker was running a satirical news broadcast of Antonio Ricci on Canale 5 with Jerry Scotty.

Michelle Hunziker and Jerry Scotty, here’s what happens between the two

Michelle Hunziker slams Jerry Scotty

Apparently, according to rumors, the Hunziker He’s getting ready to throw himself into a new one conspiracy The Swiss girl is expected to lead a show that has yet to be leaked details especially. These days, there was an episode that left a fan of Jerry Scotty Speak literally. An event that surprised everyone, it happened suddenly.

In the episode that aired on May 7, a photo of Michael Hunziker in swimwear. The audience obviously can’t help but appreciate this insight, given that the presenter of the show has always been so admired by her beauty. In fact, many always stress that one day does not seem to pass by.

Jerry Scotty In seeing the picture he allowed himself to go to private comment He appeared for the first time without thinking twice “A whole piece or two…”. In short, one funny joke On the photo, which Hunziker sure did not waste time in replying. “You are always a piece of…”. a reply Really fun, which everyone who was watching the show definitely enjoyed.

a Excellent duo formed by Michael Hunziker And the Jerry my silence. who always succeeds in grabbing a file a smile For all viewers, duo is always on top of the wave.

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