15,000 sheep drowned on a ship in Sudan

On Sunday morning, in the port of Suakin, northeastern Sudan, on the western coast of the Red Sea, a commercial ship carrying about 15,800 sheep sank, which led to the death of most of the animals. The causes of the sinking were not yet known, and all the crew of the ship survived.

The sheep were loaded at Suakin Port, the country’s second largest port for international trade after Port Sudan (located about 60 kilometers to the north) to be transported to Saudi Arabia. An official in the Sudanese Ports Authority, who spoke to Agence France-Presse on condition of anonymity, said that nearly seven thousand animals were loaded on the ship called Badr 1 more than it could carry. , a maximum of nine thousand.

Omar Al-Khalifa, head of the Sudanese Exporters Association, explained that the ship took several hours to sink, indicating that it was possible to rescue many dead sheep, about 15,000. About 700 people have been recovered and rescued, but many are in poor health and probably will not survive.

The ship’s sinking disturbed port operations, which were temporarily halted, and raised concerns about potential environmental damage due to carcasses of dead animals in port waters.

Then there is the issue of economic damage. Saleh Selim, who represents farm owners in the Exporters Association, asked the authorities to launch an investigation to clarify the causes of the sinking of the port, which was already under investigation due to a major fire that broke out last month in the port. shipping area. Selim estimated that the economic loss due to the sheep’s death is estimated at 3.6 million euros.

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