5 ideas that will improve shapes even at the age of 50, to be radiant and not always the same

We sometimes think that looking good can be too flashy for our times. But dressing elegant and sophisticated should not only be the prerogative of women in their 30s or 40s. Even after the age of 50, we can flaunt stylish clothes without risking falling into the monotony of the usual appearance.

It is not easy to find clothes that we feel comfortable wearing. This is why we often fall into the trap of filling our wardrobe with the same dress but in different colours. But it’s a real shame, because only with a few tricks can we improve our appearance. Not only will this make us look younger and more elegant, but it may also help hide some minor imperfections.

5 ideas that will improve shapes even at the age of 50, to be radiant and not always the same

Today we’ll see some ideas to quickly make an impression on our style and update our wardrobe. Before buying new clothes, we always do a little sorting and weed out the similar series of T-shirts. Instead, it is better to choose the ones that suit us and create some kind of capsule.

An excellent idea is to focus on the pencil skirt, preferably three-quarters in length. Fits the figure and instantly makes us look elegant and refined. Let’s also wear a simple shirt, but let’s play with different outerwear. Heels here are essential, especially if we are not very tall.

Yes to dresses but not to jacket bags

If we want to hide a little tummy or drooping arms, we often resort to these jacket designs. But if our goal is to hide the arms, we choose a straight, fitted dress with a V-neck and ruffles. In this way we will highlight the legs and take our eyes off the upper torso. We combine gradient embellishment or the quintessential sandal that adorns the look. But let’s also say yes to half-calf or knee-length dresses which look good on all ages. Let’s choose it in a soft cut and belted at the waist to enhance the shapes. Fluttered with three quarter sleeves, perfect even in summer with a stud when the air is cool.

If we don’t want to show our legs, there are two suggested solutions. We can choose pleated woven trousers in soft colors to match different shoe models. Let’s combine high heels for a more formal occasion, otherwise a low boot is perfect. Above we can put on a shirt, and perhaps leave one of the excess panels of the pants. This is just one way to wear and personalize a classic shirt.

Otherwise, we choose the pleated pants, which make the figure flatter. It’s perfect for all shoes, even wedge sandals that are most comfortable for every day. Here, then, are 5 look ideas that enhance shapes without making us feel uncomfortable because they’re too tight. Even when you’re not 20 years old, you can be bold with more special textures and looks.


How to look more elegant even at the age of 50 with these five outfits combined in this way look expensive and luxurious

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