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A video was recently shared via Reddit showing one they change It has not been announced internally elden ring. A video of his boss has been altered and fans are wondering if this is a choice of tradition. Since the video contains the rest of the news spoilerFollow the picture only at your own risk.

elden ring

As you can see in the video shared below via Reddit, the change is related to Morgot, in the capital Lindell. The difference is related to his weapon: in the original version, until update 1.02, the wand lost its outer part with the effect of flame. However, this effect was later removed.

Before commenting on the potential significance of this change, it is best to note two elements. First, the video says that the change happened in Patch 1.04, but the person who shared the video themselves says it’s a bug; It all happened in patch 1.03. Also, it is important not to think that changing the lighting in the setting is related to the correction: the Elden Ring simply has a day and night cycle and the two recordings were made at different times. The only difference is the lack of flame.

Then why was this included Modify? We don’t have an official explanation, but players have expressed some assumptions. It may be a matter of tradition, as the presence of a torch in a Morgot’s weapon is very important symbolically. The flame is prohibited by the Golden Order, as it can burn the mother tree. Morgott is part of the Aurei, the true ruler of Lyndell: the presence or absence of flame is of great importance to his traditions.

What do you think that? We also remind you that Patch 1.05 has been introduced, here’s the news.

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