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The first is exit from the stock exchangewhich officially begins today with The start of the takeover offer To round off the floating stock. The property has already made an appeal to small shareholders, asking them to give up their emotional contribution, with a guarantee in any case. The role of “extremely anxious” Who will enjoy various benefits within the club. but even if the offer It wasn’t enough to get past 95% of control – with recent purchases in the market, Friedkins is almost 90% – making a delisting from Avarian Piazza It still goes ahead with Plan B: AS Roma merger with another company Not included in Friedkin Galaxyso as to equally reach the minimum required to exit the stock exchange. acquisition cost, if fully subscribed by shareholders, it will be 27 million. The report will be submitted on October 9. The Friedkin They have pushed for this strategy to improve the flexibility and discretion of Rome’s operations. In return for the initial investment, they will also be able to save management costs bagwithout being exposed to market fluctuations in which exchanges are always scarce.

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New Roma Mourinho for next season

Increase new capital and stadium

In the meantime, given the imminent closing of the financial statements which will lead to another major liability, Fredkins is considering a new capital increase to balance the accounts. With their infusion of money, which continues regularly every month and meets current cash needs, they are getting closer and closer to billion euros of investment in Rome. Precisely for this reason, in addition to containing unnecessary costs and engagements, Real estate aims to increase revenuewhich will be necessary to achieve The financial balance required by UEFA in the next years. victory in Conference League The balance sheet has helped, even if it is related, but it is not enough to offset the losses. To reduce his dependence on the sporting score, which for the past four seasons has kept the team out of the league Champions LeagueFriedkins wants to speed up the build owned stadium. authorized Gualtieri, Alessandro Onorato has arrived, in recent days confirmed that the news was imminent. It remains to be seen if the correct target area is really petralata, which at the moment appears to be in first place. The only condition Rome places on the mayor is speed of action. We can discuss on the site, not about times: in three years, Fredkins wants to leave Olympic Playable in a house is available 365 days a year.

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