All about de Ketelaere. Asensio track is hot again

Maldini and Massara in pressure on Brugge for the Belgian talent. In the meantime, talks with outside the riyal are being resumed

Maldini and Masara ready for Blitz 4 de Kettler
First, contract renewals expire at the end of June (a formality, only signatures are expected), then the decisive acceleration in the market. Maldini and Massara are working on new Milan and ready to lock in shots already in the barrel for some time – Origi and Sanches, both are already in the safe – and attempt the decisive attack on what is seen as the main target of the Rossoneri transfer campaign: Charles de Ketelaere. The 21-year-old talent from Brugge is very much liked by the Milan management, which appears willing to put in a figure close to the 40 million requested by the Belgian club. However, first, the organizational chart must be identified and the ball passed, therefore, to Jerry Cardinale, who in reality only has to put the stamp on Maldini and Massara’s contracts. Immediately after that, and with greater clarity on the available budget, the AC Milan transfer team will move to closing. Close, because interviews have been active for some time and are being renewed day by day. In that sense, the week has all the atmosphere of being if not decisive, then certainly very important.

Marco Asensio, who expires with Real Madrid in 2023 and is not available for renewal with the Blancos, is once again within sight of Milan. Corriere dello Sport writes that the Rossoneri have reactivated contacts with Carlo Ancelotti and asked the European champion coach to be available to start the powerful Spanish winger. Asensio is valued at around 30 million by Real and is very carefully monitored by many excellent clubs, especially Arsenal. With the World Cup approaching, find space in a team capable of relaunching, and Milan, in that sense, could be the perfect destination. However, not only Milan, as we mentioned: Asensio also loves Juventus, always looking for strangers. At the moment, returning to the Rossoneri, the Real Madrid player remains only one of the viable paths: according to the Dutch press, in fact, in the role Maldini and Massara have already reached with Noa Lange, the Brugge orange left the club. Belgian club.

Scamaka and Raspadori remain on Milan’s radar. In recent days, the management of Via Aldo Rossi has spoken in depth with the director of Sassuolo, Carnevale, about the two young strikers. The main issue remains the cost of the card, with the green and black players not falling from the initial valuation of forty million which Milan considers excessive. There has been talk of technical counterparts, including Colombo, but for now negotiations are on standby pending any developments.

Pablo Mari’s new name for the defense
At home Milan a new name for the defense takes hold. The Rossoneri administration was supposed to conduct a poll for Pablo Maro, who is owned by Arsenal who was loaned to Udinese in January. Corriere dello Sport reported this. On the track to Lille’s Botman, with Newcastle offering 10 million more than the Rossoneri (30 million). Bremer Turin alternative.

Bremer, Tottenham are up
There are only Milan and Inter on Bremer. According to Tuttosport, Torino manager Fagnati will travel to London in the next few days to speak to Spurs about the grenade defender and to hear about Tottenham’s offer.

From the Netherlands: all for NOA LANG
And they are confident in Holland: Noa Lang will soon be a Milan player. According to Valentige Driessen of De Telegraaf, everything is set for a move to the Brugge striker Rossoneri, who in recent days has openly admitted the club’s interest in him. The offensive winger, born in 1999, Lange would be ready to sign a five-year contract, costing around €22m. To put everything in black and white, we just wait for the green light from RedBird, which should give the green light to the economic process.

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