Archie Battersby, 12, is in a coma. Court orders to pull the plug, family opposes it –

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The little boy who had a home accident. For judges, the criterion of avoidance of suffering for the minor and not the will of the parents should prevail. Mom: Shake my heartbeat

A British court has ruled that all treatment must be halted for life A 12-year-old boy was found at home in a coma In the aftermath of a domestic accident is not entirely clear. The victim’s parents are opposed On this dramatic decision and announced their appeal. It was the hospital that called the court to find out what to do and the judges, On the basis of some clinical testsproves that the patient’s brain activity is permanently impaired There is no possibility of recovery.

Archie Battersby, 12 years old This is the name of the victim who was found unconscious at his home in Southend, Essex last April: he had Tight rope around the neck At the top of a set of stairs. The dynamics are not clear, it has been assumed that the boy was a victim of indecency Launch the challenge online But no elements have emerged to support this thesis. Archie was immediately transferred to Royal London Hospital His condition was immediately judged to be very serious and his brain activity was reduced to a minimum. Since then I have been heldLife thanks to artificial ventilation.

At this point, the Royal Hospital transformed into court of justice: As has already happened in other similar cases (eg the case of young Charlie Jard, in 2017). As in this case, the legal criterion in the best interests of the child was appealed: the interest of the minor should prevail (above all to avoid unnecessary suffering) and not the will of his parents. In his judgment, Judge Albuthnot wrote that Hopes of recovery are nothing He has irreversible brain damage, and therefore it is not in his best interest to continue receiving life support care. Then he had authorized the doctors of the Royal Hospital to do so stop artificial respiration.

Archie family, Strongly believed and supported by Christian associations, Opposition to cutting child-survival treatments: based on insufficiency of magnetic resonance; His heart is still beatingHe shook hands with me knowing he’s still telling the British media about his mum Holly Dance, adding that An appeal will be submitted.

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