Arrival of the special edition of Vespa from RED

Piaggio presents the special edition of the Vespa RED, which was created in collaboration with the non-profit association RED.

Vespa RED Special Edition – Motori.News

the group Biagio continues to collaborate withThe non-profit association REDthis is partnership led to success Vespa RED Special Edition. The project is to join one fundraisingwith the purchase of a car useful to urban mobility. The broker will be full electricalto try to give message as well as for for the sake of the environment. Let’s get to knoworganisation This is one wasp in special edition.

What does the nonprofit RED do?

L ‘The non-profit association RED born in 2006based on an idea Bono And the Bobby Shriver. in this history organisation always try collecting moneyfor for help Most weak. Over the years they have been Many cooperationJust remember the ones in it Fiat. Now she area The company aims to fight epidemics, two above all. This is it Corona virus disease that has been sweeping us for a while, and there lozenges Where a cure has not yet been found.

New Vespa
New collaboration between Piaggio and RED –

there cooperation with Biagio So long over the years Many initiatives together. The one above all who always comes to mind is the one who has Aprilia (accompanied by Biagio Group), chenille weekend From Competition subordinate Valencia GPthe bikes are colored with red. The two companies with this new project waspAnd the you will donate Part of the car price for the box Global Fund. box to deal with Infectious diseases.

vespa features

there wasp Fully colored with redEven the saddle and rims I know. On the other hand, the shell is steel-colored. The car also features small screenwhich reports Information for the driver. saddle cushion look spaciousat least must have two helmets, the vehicle can also carry one passenger behind. Now let’s go see hers electrical partis not new to BiagioWhich targets us a lot.

New electric vespa
Picture showing the side of Vespa

The scooter it contains 3.6 kW motor who comes to Maximum From 4 kW. there the battery Based on LG Chem which are also found in other media of Collectionfor him Shipping Based on 4 hours and herindependence From 100 km. for him At full speed Based on 70 km/hyou will be in a discount From next month. The price from the middle 7199 €One honest personality. If you then in Search from way to city and you want Search helpThe vespa red special He is the right person for you.

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