‘Body parts surrender to me too’

Antonella Clerici It has been a cornerstone of cooking programs for years. Over time, the presenter captured more and more female audiences, thanks also to her ability to have no filters. As a woman, she is not afraid to confront and talk about her problemsgetting old. So for La Repubblica, the 58-year-old talks about issues with menopause.

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“If I think about the dress I wore at Sanremo in 2010, at my age I don’t wear it anymore,” he says. Antonella Clerici. “I think all of Italy knows my illnesses for menopause. And we should talk more about it, there is nothing to be ashamed of. The spectators grew up with me: Me too Parts of the body give way that used to stand. I am no different from anyone else.”

Clerici is woman friend Her secret reveals: «I do not compete, I am an attractive woman with her flaws. If you are out of shape, I say it, the relationship with the audience is direct.” Then Antonella continues the interview and thinks that it is very wrong to ask women to always be perfect. “I was successful thanks to my own deficiency – defect. I tell girls: Be imperfect, really different Unique, says the wonderful Drusilla Foer. I was always too much: too many kilograms, too curly, too blond. Then study, you can’t make TV with ignorance. To lead, culture is not optional, you have to know how to conjugate verbs.”

Finally, curious about his love affair with him Vittorio Garrone, which is going well. “He has proven himself to be the wonderful guy. When I tell him: ‘Love, I’m gaining weight, I have cellulite,’ he replies: ‘You look great’ ».

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