Brave and Beautiful June 14, 2022 Preview: Will Visit Save Tahsin!

Previews for the episode Brave and Beautiful that aired June 14, 2022 on Canale 5 reveal that for the love of Korludag, Alemdarog proves once again that he’s ready for anything…

In the’episode From brave and beautiful From Tuesday 14 June 2022long last, will visit You find to improve, who is sitting on a bench, is still in shock; So, the man brings him home from Sohan. After that, the prosecutor Serhat He gives the couple incredible news: Risa Matt… But let’s find out together what they reveal in detail progress subordinate bet who will broadcast tomorrow in 16:45 on me Channel 5.

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He will visit Tahseen, in the forecast for the June 14 episode

After heated discussion with TahseenAnd the Sohanon the altar Disease accused. will visityou don’t know that Bulentby order of RisaHe had poisoned the young woman’s water, and she went to get it with her father-in-law. Blinded by anger, the protagonist pointed his finger at korludag firstdescribing it as a killer. Although doctors advised not to shake it, And Aldaroglu revealed to him that he was the one who killed Salih.

Advances brave and beautiful: He will visit Rahim with Tahsin…

annoyed, Tahseen started walking away and making him lose track. when he heard basil And the Serein Talking about the disappearance of the father, Kurludag started to worry. so calm down, The son of the deceased, Hasan and Fugen, set out in search of the hated Elder Kurludag. In the end, Sissur finds his father-in-law sitting on a bench, in confusion, and takes him home.

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Matt Reda in previews of the June 14 episode

Meanwhile, the couple realizes shocking news: The Public Prosecutor informed Serhat Sohan and Alemdaroglu of Reza’s death. previous convict He was trying to escape on a ship that sank on the way. And she is at ease in perplexity: until he has the proof, Will visit completely won’t believe he got rid of Reza! Therefore, the boy began to investigate …

brave and beautifulthe Turkish series, broadcasts from Monday to Friday at 4.45 pm Channel 5.

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