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During the demo, Microsoft Diablo IV made another appearance, revealing its latest class, the necromancer, and some of the end game’s features.

We are aware of this current situation Blizzard It makes it very difficult to indulge in the hype of the historic American House products. The mistakes this legendary team made in recent years were too many… and the internal situation certainly didn’t seem to have been particularly replenished due to the disaster that the investigations had identified some time ago. To make matters worse, we then thought about the predatory monetization of Diablo Immortal, the not-so-cool character from the Overwatch 2 beta, especially at a time when there was definitely no need for more negative publicity.

However, a large segment of fans has always hoped for a “rebirth”, to show that despite the management delusions and scandals now reported almost everywhere, in some Blizzard teams, there was still a spark of genius that marked a large part of their previous productions. And the team that most people would bet on, not too curiously, appears to be the Diablo IV team.

The reason is clear: this chapter of Diablo cannot and should not fail. It is at the same time one of the most awaited games by the historical fan base and which received the most reactions ever after the mistakes made (and largely corrected later) with the third chapter. To get it wrong would not only be further evidence of inability, but also conclusive evidence of a desire to completely ignore society, which could lead to the complete dispersal of any remaining trust in the software house.

Whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, it made a comeback during the Microsoft Showcase Blizzard, and it did so by introducing the latest category of Diablo 4: Necromancer, with the usual well-packed video. However, the information about the game didn’t stop at the undead lord’s abilities and hinted at a title that could actually be the best candidate for the track calendar. Today we analyze it in this special.

The Necronomicon and other beautiful audiobooks

Diablo IV: Say hello to the necromancer and his trendy hairstyle

let’s start from necromancerBecause, despite the limited game that was announced for the chapter, it is already possible to get a concrete idea of ​​its capabilities thanks to the numerous statements of developers on this topic. As for the eye, this old Diablo ‘Veteran’ is still on his side mostly a possibility summon undeadaccompanied by machete strikes from a much higher range than we expected and a few healthy offensive spells.

However, this time necromancer seems to be divided into three main types, which are nothing short of customizable thanks to a unique mechanic called “book of the dead“In short, a faint Ego can summon skeleton wizards, skeletal warriors, or golems, and each has a way to choose Three unique subtypesEach is upgradeable in two different ways. Useful for changing a lot of the builds built around this mechanic, only at the same time can a sorcerer choose to sacrifice these specific summons to get permanent passive rewards. Thus, losing flexibility in the case of summonable zombies corresponds to important advantages that can be used in more defensive disciplines (sacrificing a specific type of golem provides 10% more life points, for example) or strictly related to magic. In theory, it’s also possible to forgo summons entirely to focus on necromancers with extraordinarily enhanced spells, but right now it’s hard to assess how effective such an experiment would be.

Diablo 4: The appearance of the game is noticeably darker, no doubt about it

Diablo 4: The appearance of the game is noticeably darker, no doubt about it

Whatever you choose, the intent is clear: Diablo IV is everything Personalization. Not only can characters be modified this time in aesthetics, resulting in much closer to the ideals of those who use them, but it seems that each class has a custom mechanic similar to the Book of the Dead just described and that there are systems designed to greatly facilitate change. Designed for gamers. While progressing, for example, it will be possible to take legendary powers from objects and easily transfer them to rarer and stronger weapons or armor once you find them. The developers explained that the choice was made in order not to have to give up some passive skills that are especially useful for your own construction, while maintaining a competitive level of equipment as you go.

To all this delicious complexity is also added a comprehensive reworking of Paragon System, which allows you to upgrade beyond the maximum level (must be 100). It’s not just statistics anymore, it’s a real skill table that offers passive bonuses or unique additional skills. Even abilities obtained with this development can be modified with glyphs to enhance them through the end of the game: it is clear how the platforms of Diablo III were completely abandoned at launch in favor of a return to the origins.

The end game is a good game

Diablo IV: The necromancer has several summons at his disposal, including large, highly resistant golems

Diablo IV: The necromancer has several summons at his disposal, including large, highly resistant golems

The Diablo IV campaign is expected to last for a very long time, but once it’s completed it should leave the player at level 45. After that, the focus changes completely and moves on to the content. game overwhich seems manifold as Diablo IV clearly aims to be an ever-expanding live service with a myriad of activities.

Therefore, outside the main adventure – which is not linear differently from the past – this time players will have to deal with Shared open worldfilled with dungeons (more than 150), world bosses and a whole host of other add-ons yet to be announced.

The world head It is interesting, because it is battles against huge monsters reminiscent of the more classic MMO raids, where several players must work together to survive and defeat the attacks of the area. The real gem, however, should be prison cellsince they are not only explored normally, but once the necessary level is reached, Nightmare dungeons are unlocked with difficulty modifiers that can be activated thanks to specific seals.

Diablo IV: A fully directed magical necromancer looks like a real possibility thanks to the Book of the Dead

Diablo IV: A fully directed magical necromancer looks like a real possibility thanks to the Book of the Dead

This choice opens up a long series of possibilities: find the right seals and you can unlock rewards very suitable for your class, as long as you face more aggressive enemies and with unexpected modifications. The fact that dungeons partially random (they follow specific canons, modify the enemies they encounter, elites, heroes, and their abilities, as well as part of the planning), should offer consistent diversity, seen as an evolution crack by Diablo III. Not enough, each dungeon has a specific goal, also random, to make the experience more enjoyable, Blizzard has promised “seasons” conceptually different from the past and more focused on content, it is possible to raise class From the world to get more valuable rewards, as long as you also find increasingly angry enemies. If you add to this the confirmation of PVP zones, it looks like there is a lot of meat on the paper.

The problem is always one: trust. Managing structural games and adding online content will be an important Blizzard test, and complex systems like the ones described aren’t exactly a walk in the park. We can only hope that all goes well, and that Diablo fans finally have a game worthy of the name it will bear in 2023.

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