Disaster in the English royal house, they inherited Diana’s disease: what a disaster

Disaster in the English royal house, they inherited the illness of Lady Diana. What a drama! The monarchy fears the crown. Spreading concern about the royal family.

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No good news from the English royal house: Lady Diana gave them exactly that Bad genetic disease. disaster in Royal family.

Earthquake in the English royal house

there Royal family Once again in the spotlight. members english royal house Some people keep talking about it Special and personal occasions I attracted world media attention.

english royal house
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It just ended a few days ago Platinum Jubilee organized in honor of Queen Elizabeth which celebrated 70 years of rule and as always, every event the Queen participates in is studded with sHorrors and vicissitudes.

These people were able to watch a return home, albeit for a very short time, from The second son of Charles and Lady Diana, Prince Harry who came to visit the king with his family.

On the other hand, he was absent from the thank-you ceremony Duke of York Prince Andrew who – which I got covid. But the ups and downs are not over yet. he’s coming out Indiscretion makes the monarchy tremble: just hmm They inherited Mrs. Diana’s genetic disease.

A hereditary disease that makes the nation worry

An indiscretion arises that leaves people speechless and makes the English monarchy tremble: only they, William and Harry inherited the genetic disease of Lady Diana. A secret hidden for years has been revealed It could now change the fortunes of the English offspring.

William and Harry
William and Harry

Mrs. Diana, According to what one has learned message Which bears the signature of the court doctor John Pattensuffered from one hereditary mental illness Most likely also passed on to his children due to A future dynastic catastrophe. To throw the scoop German weekly Frieset Heute.

Diana never had a peaceful relationship with herself and often John Patten He was his best friend. The doctor explained, according to A Report Which was then posted by daily Mail, talking about Diana Spencer’s condition is very serious, From genetic nature Which can undoubtedly be passed down to the descendants of the House of Windsor, that is, his sons William and Harry.

and for this hereditary mental illnessNot only has the princess been visited by her trusted doctor, but others have also visited her Three specialists and a psychoanalyst, Alan McGlachan Who, however, did not agree with the opinion of other doctors.

Diana just said mcglachan from his colleagues They stuffed her with antidepressants It is recommended to undergo treatment path Because of the frequent nightmares that haunted the princess every night.

In addition to this Genetic Disease, Diana also had depression, mood swings, and panic attacks. The princess experienced a great ordeal and All these diseases are the same found in his children.

especially, Prince William is a concern. As some members of the royal palace know, He usually suffers from mood swings, anxiety and bouts of depression. The questions that now appear among the topics are: Is it emotional disorders or pathological disorders? Is the crown in danger?

English Royal House Scope
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