Disdain, new game announcement commented on PC Gaming Show 2022 – Nerd4.life

mockery It was shown in PC Games Show 2022 with a new one tractor subordinate Playthis time commented on by the developers, who explained a few things about survival horror.

Released on October 21 on PC and Xbox, Scorn will elevate us into a decadent and obnoxious city powered by technologies that blend metal and flesh in a disturbing fashion.

Inspired by Giger’s designs, the game is not a shooter and that’s why every fight should be carefully evaluated, because the fight could mean a painful death for the protagonist.

Moreover, we will not find dialogues to tell the adventure: it will be up to the frightening creatures we will find along the way and the scenario in general to unravel the story we will find ourselves living in the game.

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