Disney launches Buzz Lightyear, the first ever gay kiss cartoon

Disney increasingly “wake up” and politically correct, liberals like: the “universal” and “rainbow” payment of the giant is now a reality. in the new Lightyear: The True Story of BuzzThe latest Pixar movie to be released in Italian cinemas on June 15th – The spin-off Toy Story Which tells the story of the origins of the hero who inspired the game Buzz Lightyear – among the heroes there will be a gay couple, two women who will also become pregnant with a child. The animated film also featured the first same-sex kiss in the Pixar movie: that kiss between Buzz’s captain and his best friend, space ranger Alisha Hawthorne (voiced by Uzo Aduba), and his wife. , just so you don’t miss anything. It is the obsession that drives multinational corporations to represent minorities (ethnic, “gender”) in every product they put on the market.

Here is the first gay kiss in a Pixar movie

In this regard, the African American actress Orange is the new black explains that “Seeing a gay couple in great love is important to everyoneYes, as if those scenes were missing from Hollywood productions and mainstream entertainment products, which celebrate Pride month with great fanfare. The kiss was initially cut from the film, but Pixar LGBTQ employees objected, after sending an open letter to Disney executives forced media pressure for the Disney case. to revise her plans and thus insert the scene into the film to avoid boycotts and other protests.

Actors and producers celebrate. according to Chris Evansfamous American voice actor Buzz Lightyear,”It’s so cool that kissing is back in the movie“.Also, according to producer Galyn Susman, it matters.”Show all the cool people around us, representing everyone, including same-sex couples“.

Disney, half LGBT characters

On the other hand, Disney’s new rainbow cycle has been widely publicized in recent weeks when an executive from the giant promised “more inclusiveness” in production, and that the entertainment giant would work on acquiring sets”Underrepresented‘, such as ethnic minorities and LGBTQ مجتمع communityan actress “At least 50% of her characters by the end of the year“.”I’m here as a mom of two gay kids, actuallyBurke said during the video call that was broadcast on social media.Transgender child and transgender child, also as an executive“.So Disney announced that 50% of the normal, recurring characters in his world would come from”Underrepresented groups“And minorities. However, it would be inappropriate to talk about a real turning point for Walt Disney. In recent years, in fact, the multinational has decided to adopt Walk’s ideology, paying more and more attention to the demands of minorities and the progressive world in general.

Just think of the Pride Collection launching on Disney+ this month to celebrate Pride Month, with a lineup of all titles celebrating minorities, and above all LGBTQ. However, there is a catch: in a while we will really be asking ourselves, more than anything else, what new Disney movies or new TV series are not dominated by awakened ideology and obsession with minorities.

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