Elari Blasey and Alvin? It’s me against you in the adult version

Famous Al Jazeera news 2022

It’s the third and final episode of The Island, but there is no peace for Elari Blasey and Alvin who continue to enjoy their stormy and passionate relationship.

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Famous Al Jazeera news 2022

Also this edition of Celebrity Island About to close under the banner of the stormy and passionate relationship between Elari Blasey and Alvin. Last year, when Massimiliano Rossolino was replacing the envoy from Honduras, the Romanian presenter couldn’t help but affirm her nostalgia for Alvin, the iconic face of the reality show in recent years and a highly experienced reporter from the island. However, their relationship continued to elude and astound the public.

Elari and Alvin and the ongoing excavations

It’s the last third episode of the island, but No peace to Elari Blasey and Alvin. From the very beginning in the studio, appreciable discomfort arose due to “electric storm“Preventing communication from the island. Not being able to speak to the castaways, the hostess finds herself forced to dispense with the shoulder of Alvin, who manages the situation from Playa Beach. The line returns several minutes later and justifies the stop. Ilari, already exhausted, announces the verdict of TV broadcast: Must Gennaro moves to Playa Sgamatissima. “Go, Gennaro, I hope the electric storm can help you, or else I’ll see you there.”he says, unleashes irony in the studio. “But from where? In the afterlife?!”Savino sarcastically asks who began introducing the Elari and Alvin couple:For those who are not familiar with their relationship, you need to know this It’s me against you in the adult version“.

Guide to Honduran bed

The irony continues with the women-only audition that will lead to the decree of the first winner in this edition. “This is a guide to a Honduran bed‘ explains Alvin, unleashing Elari’s sarcasm. “Why is the family as it is in Honduras? Italic? Savino got back on track. Joking:Alvin did one thing, write on the board Who do you want to lead the island next yearThe envoy in laughter writes the name.ellariaOn the board, but the presenter is ready to admit: “It’s not me, I swear, I don’t know who you’re talking about. Alvin, you have to go back to Italy! “.

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