Fans finally took off their clown makeup –

Many fans are looking forward to Hollow Night: SilkSong Since last night they managed to clean clown makeupall thanks to the video that was shown on the occasion ofXbox and Bethesda Gallery. But why are they camouflaged?

Hollow Night: Silksong was announced in February 2019 and little official information has been known since then until yesterday. The wait to find out more was so high that many hoped to see him appear at every event (how many rumors have been on Direct?). Ultimately, the constant disappointment led many to feel deceived by their hype. The result is that many members of the community have started donning their avatars as clowns, becoming vivid memes of their unfulfilled but still very strong hopes…at least until last night, when the game really came out, as if miraculously it appears. , during the presentation of Xbox & Bethesda with a new trailer.

And so society began stripping the clown back to normal.

Hollow Knight: Silkson doesn’t have one yet release day Official, but it’s likely to be released within the year, as are all (or most) of the games shown at Microsoft’s event.

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