Flag an alarm, here’s how to stand up for yourself

There is a tick alarm in Veneto. A winter with practically no rain and very high temperatures foresaw an infestation of insects, with all the ensuing consequences. In terms of health risks, even to humans, not just pets. In fact, the bite of this parasite is able to transmit many diseases.

That doesn’t mean we should fall for the upset, since then These are known and completely treatable conditions. Among them is the so-called Lyme disease, which affects the nervous system and as a symptom manifests a high fever and a terrible headache, which arises in a time period of 3-20 days from the tick bite.

It is possible to get vaccinated Most of the diseases carried by ticks. Moreover, it is also possible Take a number of precautions This reduces the risk of being bitten by a tick.

These include wearing light-colored, opaque clothing and closed shoes, applying insect repellent products to exposed parts of the body, avoiding contact with vegetation and sitting on the ground, and not going to areas where the grass is high at the end of the body inspection, including head and clothing worn, and always treat pets (dogs) with special products against ticks.

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